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4 Multiplayer Games to Play in Quarantine

So we’re all stuck inside right now and need something to occupy our time. What better way than to sit down with your family or virtually with friends and play some video games together? I’ve already written about my favourite couch coop games and some games you might not have heard of, which include some multiplayer options, so here are even more games I can wholeheartedly recommend. Two are local coop for with the people you live with and two are online for those who you miss. Enjoy!

Golf With Your Friends

Max Players: 12
Via: Online 
Price: CDN $8.99

This game is an absolutely crazy and silly mini-putt game to play with a high limit of 12 people. Not only are the courses bizarre and totally off the wall, but you can mess with the game even more. You can change the size and shape of the balls, the level of gravity involved, how bouncy the ground is, and whether or not you can collide with the other player on the course! It leads to some pretty funny moments, especially when the collision is on and someone decides to completely bounce someone else off the course! This game always leads to hysterical laughter and lots of cursing. 


Max Players: infinite (kinda)
Via: Online
Price: CDN $21.99

Nick and I loved playing this online survival game all about surviving on a raft in the middle of an endless ocean full of sharks and crafting supplies. It is technically early access, but that seems to be only because they are adding new content all the time, not because the current content needs refining. As you float along the waves, you come across islands and eventually start to put together what happened to the world to turn it into an infinite sea. The game technically supports no limit of players at one time. The only limit is the capabilities of the host’s computer and room on the raft itself for people to stand. 


Max Players: 4
Via: Local
Price: CDN $18.49

This is basically Overcooked but in space. If you’ve never played Overcooked, Catastonauts is a chaotic party game where your team is in charge of keeping a ship in tip-top shape while also destroying the aliens attacking it! Run around and put out fires, repair systems, fire weapons, and try to stay alive! It requires a lot of communication, but since there is so much happening, it usually dissolves into desperate yelling and ultimately laughing your head off. Only play this one with people you can laugh off mistakes and distress with!

Stretchers (Nintendo Switch)

Max Players: 2
Via: Local
Price: CDN $19.99

Another game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is a two-player action puzzle game in which you play EMTs running around a small island town, saving people affected by the Dizzies. There is an evil villain running around and Dizzying all the important folk in the community and it’s up to you to collect them in your ambulance and get them un-Dizzied as soon as possible. A silly game with cute graphics and a simple concept, you could play this game with just about anybody!

Did you try any of the games listed here? How are you staying busy during quarantine? 

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