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My Favourite Subreddits

For those who are unfamiliar with Reddit, it’s a social website where users submit all different kinds of content for others to see. You can post images, videos, links to other sites, and text posts. Other people can comment and rate the posts. It’s kind of like a big discussion forum. The best part about it is that it is extremely diverse in the types of content you can find. The site is broken up into pages called subreddits that have their own specific themes as to what can be posted to them.

There is a subreddit for about anything you can think of. The most popular ones are pretty general, such as r/worldnews, r/pics, and r/gaming. But these pages can also get extremely specific. Here are my favourite niche (and not so niche) subreddits that I love to see on my homepage (the aggregate of all the subreddits you follow).


This subreddit is dedicated exclusively to women wearing actual armour. A lot of video games and movies have women characters in “armour” that are really just skimpy, sexy suits that are made more for showing off their assets rather than actually, you know, protecting them? It’s pretty tiring seeing men in these amazing badass suits and women are running around in basically nothing.

But on this amazing page, every woman isn’t just some pathetic male fantasy. They’re tough and solid and will kick your ass for sure.


This subreddit is all about the act of going camping. The gear, the experience, the beautiful nature and animals. Mostly it’s just pictures from people’s trips from all over the world, but I find it so interesting to see all the different ways people go camping. This sub includes anything at all, from casual car camping or hardcore backpacking. There is also some discussion about camping and lots of jokes and memes about the experiences we all have while camping. If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is the sub for you.


This is a severely underrated sub. It’s all just pictures of adorable dogs smiling into the camera. It’s similar to a lot of over subs because there are a lot that are based around cute animals, but this one is specifically for happy puppies! And that is something everyone needs more of in their life.


This subreddit has recently risen to become one of my top favourite subs of all time. It’s basically just a space for women who like gaming to get together and talk about their experiences. Sometimes that means sharing the really cool setups people have for their PCs or consoles, sometimes is recommending games, and sometimes it’s sharing the horribly sexist and derogatory comments we get from men online. Either way, there is just such a great sense of comradery and community when it comes to this sub. It’s nice to have a place you can go and post about video games and know that no one will try to call you out or say that you don’t deserve to be here.


This sub is just wholesomeness is all its forms. It really is as simple as it sounds. Users just submit things that made them smile. Things that made them have a little more faith in the world or brightened a sad day for them. It’s full to the brim of heartwarming stories, adorable interactions, and sweet pictures. The stories often include things like little kids, animals, elderly people, people who seem to be opposites, unlikely circumstances, pleasant surprises, and unexpected reactions. Basically, every post will leave you will a bit of a smirk and a satisfied sigh.


This sub is all about those little moments that for some unknown reason something you watch or hear is just so satisfying. Something fitting perfectly together, a beautiful flow of a liquid, or two paint colours mixing together. Something inside of us just sees it and thinks, “that’s exactly right. Exactly how it should be.” I’m doing a terrible job explaining this phenomenon, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. They are almost exclusively videos and gifs, so click on the link above to see the all-time top posts of delightful satisfaction.


Remember r/DogSmiles? Well, this is that subs little brother. Really the only difference is that the dogs are generally younger here and its a more popular sub, so more pictures get posted here. I just really like dogs, okay?




I’ll be honest, the next two subs are also very dog heavy ones, but not exclusively. This sub is all about when animals get really really excited and do that thing with their front paws where they do a little jig. It is so adorable when basically any animal does it, especially since you know that means it is super happy and delighted! You’ll have to see it to know what I mean.


This is another sub dedicated to adorable things animals do when they’re excited and ready to play. Instead of tap dancing, this is when animals just get so worked up, all they can do is run circles around the space they’re in as fast as possible. If you have a dog or other small animal pets, you will know exactly what I am talking about. Here is an example video of my dog, Bear doing zoomies in the backyard:

What are your favourite subreddits to browse? Suggest some to me in the comments below!

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