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Apps I Use To Track My Life

I am someone who likes to be organized. I enjoy keeping notebooks, using planners, hanging up calendars, and using apps to keep things straight. I also love looking back on how I’ve been doing with meeting goals and doing interesting things. It really helps keep me on track or inspired when the depression comes knocking. I’ve got a couple really great apps that I am currently using to keep track of different aspects of my life.

Habits: HabitHub

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Habit Hub is an app that keeps track of different habits that you want to encourage in yourself and develop into your routine. It’s basically a daily reminder app. You enter in the different habits you want to start building, set what time of day you need to do them at, and when you’d like to be reminded to do them. I use it to remember to take my medication, brush my teeth, and walk the dog. They are things that I am likely to forget or put off if I’ve not reminded to do them.

IMG_1774It also keeps track of how often you do the task and other metrics. It’ll let you know how long of a streak you’ve been on when you’re doing well and it’ll let you know how many you’ve missed if you’ve been doing poorly. It’ll also show how many tasks you have yet to do that day as a badge on the app’s icon, making it easy to reference how much you have to do that day. It is very useful to look back on the past month or so and see your progress. I like this app because it is so simple and easy to use. The UI is very basic and intuitive to me.

Food: Carb Manager

iPhone | Android
Last year I went on a keto diet and started using Carb Manager to track all the food I was eating. It’s a nutritional app that focuses more on how many carbs you’ve been eating rather than calorie intake, like most other apps. While I’m not necessarily on keto anymore, at least not strictly, I still like to use the app for tracking my food. I am trying to eat fewer carbs in general, and this app makes that easy.


It has a large database of foods, including common, branded, and restaurant foods. The database is largely user-contributed, so you have to be careful and double-check that the food your logging is accurate, but that’s a problem I’ve found with other apps like this before. You can also scan the barcode on your food and the app will automatically find the match for you. And finally, if the database just doesn’t have it, you can easily add it in yourself with the custom food option. From there you can even add it to the database so that other people can use that information in their logs. It’s a great app and has helped me realize just how many carbs I’ve been eating and to cut back on them.

Beer: Untapped

iPhone | Android
Yes, I even have an app for tracking my beer. I’m that much of a nerd. Untapped is more of a social media platform than a typical tracking app, but it definitely does keep track of your experiences. All you do is look up the brew you’re having and log it. You can rate it, give it a couple adjectives to describe the flavour profile, note which bar or restaurant if you want, and write a little note about how you liked it.

You can also see what your friends have been drinking too. It’s a good way to get recommendations and see new beers you’ve never tried before. There are also badges you can win based on what kind of beers you drink and where you drink them. There’s one for drinking Canadian beers, dark beers, beers at a bar, beers at a restaurant, strong beers, beers on draft, the list goes on. It is really fun to keep track of the beers you’ve tried, see how much you’ve liked them, and watch any trends in your beer-drinking habits.

Reading: Goodreads

iPhone | Android
IMG_1778This is another app that is more of a social media platform than personal tracking, but it gets the job done. You go on there and it has pretty much anything you can read available. You can log comic books, novels, novellas, short stories, graphic novels, and more! Whatever you’re reading, you can mark it as a book you’ve read, a book that you want to read, or as a book that you’re currently in the middle of. If you want, you can also track what page of the book you’re on and leave little reviews as you work your way through the story.

At the end of the text, you can then mark it as read, rate it out of 5 stars, and leave a review if that’s what you like to do. The only thing that I don’t like about this app is that it doesn’t give you fun metrics about your reading habits. The one thing it has is an annual challenge where you set a number of books you want to read by the end of the year and Goodread will keep track of how many books you’ve read. If you want any more information, such as the average length of books you read or what your most read genre is, you have to sort and track it all yourself. It is very fun to see what other people are reading, too. I’ve gotten many good recommendations through that.

There you have it: the apps I currently use to track my life! Do you use any of these apps? Do you have any other ones you use to record the happenings in your life? Let me know in the comments!


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