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The Least Realistic Things About TV

There are a lot of things that are super unrealistic on television shows. All genres have their own issues, from sitcoms to dramas to fantasy. But here are a couple of the things that always get me when I’m binging something.

Teenagers Wearing Heels

feet-349687_1920Whenever I watch a show set in high school, there are a million things you could point out as unrealistic. But the one thing that really gets me, especially as a girl, is how every high school girl seems to wear super high heels on an average school day. Do you realize how dead your feet would be after wearing heels all day at school? Especially if you have a really big school? There were about three girls in my whole school who ever wore heels and they definitely stood out. Maybe I just went to a really boring school, but for the most part, we just tossed on some sneakers and went about our lives. You can have a cute outfit without stilettos.

House Dustiness

The biggest disappointment that I’ve faced as an adult is that you are never done cleaning your house. Every time you do laundry, you have clothing on your body that needs washing. Every time you wash dishes, you’re only a couple hours away from dirtying more. And, most infuriating, is how by the time you’ve finished dusting your house, the place you dusted first is already dusty again! As a dog owner, I could vacuum for hours and there would still be piles of dog hair twenty minutes later! Whenever a show has a pet involved and the owner has a perfectly hairless house and doesn’t spend every waking moment sweeping, that show is LYING.

Great at Holding It

No one ever has to go to the bathroom on TV. There is only one reason why someone would go to the bathroom, and that’s because something other than peeing is happening in there. Maybe they need to overhear an important conversation through the stalls or they need to be absent from an important conversation happening outside the bathroom. Think about how often you go to the bathroom in a single day. Honestly, I tell someone I have to go pee probably like three times a day alone!

How Much Is Your Rent?

bedroom-416062_1280This issue has plagued sitcoms forever! The show usually wants the main character to be super relatable, so they make them someone who has a crappy job or one that they hate. Then they have a three bedroom apartment in New York City or some other big city center. How could they possibly afford that? I mean TV does enough to create unrealistic standards for body image and relationships, but I lived my whole life thinking that I would graduate from high school and move away directly into my dream apartment.

Milk, Leafy Greens, & A Baguette

Every time anyone goes grocery shopping, they come home with the exact same thing. They’re carrying two huge paper bags, which I don’t think most grocery stores use anymore, and there is always some leaves or other greenery and a baguette sticking out the top. And 9 times out of 10, the first thing they pull out is an unbranded carton of milk and put it away. I also don’t think that I’ve ever seen someone put away groceries fully on television. It always cuts away or ends the scene or they just inexplicably walk away with it on the counter.

What ridiculously specific thing do you always notice isn’t quite right when you’re watching TV? Are you also bothered by any of the things on my list? Let me know in the comments?

3 thoughts on “The Least Realistic Things About TV”

  1. The rampant drug use? Like, I get some people do it, but shows make it out to be as though it’s easily accessible for everyone and drugs are full of them when in reality it’s usually only a few people (omitting pot, which we know is accessible – in Canada at least).


    1. Dang, early post. And teachers having affairs with students. Um….no. God no. ESPECIALLY when it’s sexualized and not depicted as a big deal. Teacher here saying, “Hell no!” to this stereotype; I didn’t go to uni for six years just to <> here, with a 14 year old no less. I’m gonna be on Tinder/OKC like everyone else, where the worst thing that happens is I see a parent on it.

      They also seem to pass right over the goth kids tbh. Every school has them, but I never see them on shows unless they are a background character that is planned on becoming some important cyber-hacker later on, or some sexual experiment for a dweeby guy.

      Also, pimples are made to be a big deal, but rarely was a few pimples a big thing in school? Cystic acne is one thing, but a single pimple is the end of the world in some shows XD

      I never see Asian/brown/indigenous kids to be honest…where are their plots? (Degrassi is one exception and even they don’t have indigenous kids afaik).

      Using cheap extensions to show a character “having a transformation and dying their hair to seem cool”. No Chloe, blue streaks aren’t badass anymore, and I can literally see the clip because your styling team ****ed right up on that.


      1. Yes to all that! Especially the teacher thing for me gets me every time! Whenever any character says “but she’s so mature for her age” all I hear is “I’m a predator that knows what teenagers like to hear.”


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