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Ranking Fallout Games by Where I Want to Visit Most

I love travelling. Exploring new places and having new experiences is something I always treasure, despite the immense anxiety it gives me. An unexpected inspiration for travelling has come from the locations that I’ve visited in the Fallout franchise. So here is my personal rating of all the places I want to visit that I’ve already virtually visited (and yes, I will be allowing how good the places look in post-apocalyptic. Pittsburgh will be omitted since I’ve actually been there before.

8. Washington, DC – Fallout 3

I’ll be honest: I don’t really see the draw of Washington, DC. Sure, there is a ton of historical sites to see and learn about, but that seems to be about it. And with the current political climate in the US, I’m not exactly scrambling to visit the White House or anything.

7. Point Lookout State Park – Point Lookout

Normally something like a state park would have me very interested and excited, but something about Point Lookout State Park seems to be out of my realm. I’m probably conflating the fictional park with the real one too much, but the whole midway scene and the motel and all the…civilization near by turns me off.

6. Zion National Park – Honest Hearts

This kind of park is more up my alley. No buildings around except for the occasional ranger station, and I can forgive those. Ive never really camped somewhere with all kinds of different caves and rock formations like those found in Zion, so it would be fun to explore around them. I think that there is also a fair amount of history to be learned by going there as well.

5. Maine – Far Harbour

I’ve always wanted to visit a coastal area and Maine seems like a good spot. I like the amount of wilderness there is and it’s the location of some campgrounds too. I’ve heard great things about visiting Maine, too. I also very much enjoyed Far Harbour, so it would be really cool to visit it’s inspiration, Bar Harbour. I just want to swim in the sea and eat crab legs.

4. Anchorage, Alaska – Operation: Anchorage

I know you only technically visit Anchorage virtually in Fallout 3, but I’m counting it anyways since it’s a real place. I have always wanted to visit Alaska. There is just so much beautiful wilderness and I’d love to see the northern lights as well.

3. Boston – Fallout 4

Despite the horrible nuclear fallout, Boston still looks like a beautiful place to visit. As I mentioned, I’ve never really visited a coastal area, so I’d love to see the ocean and eat some delicious seafood. It’s also a city rich with a ton of very interesting history and historical landmarks. I enjoy a good museum or informational plaque as much as anyone!

2. The Mojave Desert – Fallout: New Vegas

I’ll admit, about 90%  of the reason I want to visit this area is because of the game. New Vegas is my favourite game of all time so to visit the towns and locations that the game is based on would be amazing. I’m not into gambling at all, so Vegas, whether New or Las, wouldn’t really float my boat. The natural area looks beautiful as well, but I sweat way too easy to truly enjoy a solid hike or something in the desert. But to grab a drink in Goodsprings or walk up the steps of Nipton town hall would be actually incredible.

1. Appalachia – Fallout 76

Cryptids, campgrounds, and beautiful wilderness. This place looks like a dream. This opinion may also be slightly formed by the fact that the game is set in a place less affected directly by a bomb drop, so there is plenty of lush forests and such, but it looks like a lovely place to visit. I love going camping and hiking, and I’ve never had a chance to do it in a truly mountainous area like that. It would be very interesting to visit the homeplace of some of the famous cryptids in the area, like my favourite, The Mothman.

Which of these locations would like to visit most? Tell me in the comments!

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