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My Childhood Halloween Costumes!

I have always loved Halloween! I mean what’s not to love about going out and getting piles of free candy? Because of that love, I’ve always tried really hard to have great Halloween costumes. I decided to text my mom and see if she has any pictures of those special costumes and this is what she found!

I would like to mention that these pictures are all from 10+ years ago, taken in the 90s and early 00s. They’re not all the most progressive costumes in the world. If I could go back and do something different and not appropriate other cultures, but I can’t do that. So keep in mind that I’m not condoning costumes like this.

Kitty Cat

20181015_202307I hope my intro paragraph didn’t imply that all the costumes were going to be super unique and original. I am pretty darn young here, so I’d wager I had a thing about cats and so my mom bought this for me. I’m not even sure what part of this outfit in costume and what part is just black clothing.

Also, note the pumpkin. This was either when I was too young to the last trick or treating too many houses or it was when I would get candy into that pumpkin, and then drop it off with my mom who had the pillowcase.

Finally, the mittens. October in Canada can be pretty freaking cold so every costume features winter clothes and probably has a winter coat underneath!


Sailor Moon!


I actually still have this costume, I loved it so much! I can specifically remember that I wore this costume to school in kindergarten and there was another girl with the exact same costume. I remember being so excited about it since it just meant that someone else liked Sailor Moon as much as me! But she was not impressed that her costume wasn’t unique…and that pretty much sums up me trying to make new friends!

Sidenote: the turtleneck and long sleeves aren’t part of the costume itself, but an added turtleneck in an attempt to keep me from freezing my arse off. I think that if you look closely through the window behind me on the right, you can see snow piled up.

Spooky Witch

3This picture is actually terrifying. The green face contrasted against my bright red lips, the way I’m brandishing that caramel apple, and the ominous shadow over me means this picture gives me the chills.

I love the added turtleneck as well. Apparently, I just had a pile of turtlenecks in all colours when I was a kid. And there’s the classic pumpkin basket on the floor behind me.




4I was absolutely not ready for this picture! I am doing a thousand mile stare into the distance. I also like how I’m wearing a sign that says BOO, in case you didn’t get the whole ghost thing.

I also think I’m wearing some kind of white, fluffy wig. My waist is also cinched with some kind of belt. Apparently, I thought that a normal sheet-with-face-hole idea was a bit too plain.







Red Riding Hood


Yay, we’re finally at an age when I can go trick or treating with friends! Red Riding Hood, a princess, and a *cringe* Indian. I’m about 99% sure that the girl on the left is just wearing the costume we had for ice skating lessons, which we took together. Whatever works, right?

I’m rocking the classic white turtleneck under my outfit, but honestly, this is a pretty awesome costume. I would totally wear it this year!

Cold Person


Okay, fine, I’ll be honest. This was an Eskimo costume. I just couldn’t bear writing that word in huge, headline font. This costume includes a stick with a fish hanging off it, a huge winter coat, winter boots, and rosy cheeks. The best part about this costume was that it wasn’t changed by any attempts to make it warmer to survive the weather since it was already super warm. For reason, I also specifically remember seeing a shooting star that Halloween while trick or treating.



Clown of Your Nightmares


This is the worst. This is horrible. I hate this. Why did I do this? Why do I look so happy about it? Did I forget that I absolutely hate clowns? Apparently. Also what on earth am I wearing? That is a lot of patterns…

I don’t know what else to say about this. I truly do not remember choosing this costume or making it or whatever happened here. All I know is that grin will haunt me forever.











Okay, forget everything I just typed. This clown is 8 million times scarier. Let’s politely ignore that demon, and focus on the fact that I’m dressed as literal dice. I remember hearing about someone dressing like this and being SO EXCITED about it. I probably thought it would be so unique and quirky. Well, I suppose I was right in a way…

4 thoughts on “My Childhood Halloween Costumes!”

  1. I’m pretty sure that the spear (stick) with the fish was a hand me down from the year I went as an Eskimo, because we were all bad people back then. I specifically remember making it from a sponge that looked like a fish…


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