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My Favourite Couch Multiplayer Games

Sometimes there is nothing better on a Saturday night than laying out on the couch with your partner and/or some friends, eating junk food, and playing some video games together. All the better if there are a couple of drinks to be had too! I can be pretty picky about games sometimes though. I’m super competitive so the games I prefer are usually co-op or involve a lot of chaos. These games will fall into at least one of those categories. Also, note that each of these games only requires you to own 1 copy for multiple people to play!


This is a seriously fun game. Basically, a team of up to 4 players attempt to cook meals in a kitchen.  The levels not only increase in difficulty because of the complexity of the meals you have to prepare, but the layouts of the kitchens themselves become increasingly convoluted. A simple room turns into spaceships, a pirate deck, and trucks that are actively driving down a highway! It involves a lot of communication to make sure you’re preparing the dishes correctly and have clean plates to put them on. Some kitchens will even divide up the team so only certain people have access to certain foods or stations. Basically, it just devolves into “I NEED AN ONION!” “SOMEONE WASH THE DISHES, WE ARE OUT OF DISHES!” “GET OUT OF THE WAY I HAVE COOKED FISH HERE!”

Steam Summer Sale: $6.45 (-66%)

Ultimate Chicken Horse

This very bizarrely named game is not actually a co-op, but its chaos factor makes up for it. It’s a basic platformer but you and the other players build the level as you play. Basically, you’re given a very basic level that’s most open and then given a selection of obstacles, platforms, and traps. You can place them wherever you want and then you have to run the level. The trick is that points aren’t awarded to anyone if everyone makes it. The game deems the level too easy. So the challenge is to make the level hard enough that other people can’t run it, but easy enough that you can. Add in the whirly blades, disappearing platforms, and other challenges of each map, it becomes a crazy time quickly!

Steam Summer Sale: $8.49 (-50%)

Jackbox Party Pack 1-4

This is a super fun set of games, each being a pack of several games itself. They are all couch games that involve using your smartphone to enter in answers. There’s a game where you try to trick your friends into picking fake answers for trivia, team up to disarm a bomb based on the partial information on your own phone, attempt to draw a prompt and guess other’s drawings, and more silly games like that. They are all games that basically give you a game to build your own fun and jokes around. This is easily the best out of all of them for when you’ve been having some drinks because there is little to no skill involved, just humour.

Steam Summer Sale: Bundle 1-4 $40.91 (-63%)
Party Pack 1: $11.19 (-60%)
Party Pack 2: $13.99 (-50%)
Party Pack 3: $13.99 (-50%)
Party Pack 4: $15.39 (-40%)


I cannot help but laugh until I’m in tears when I play this game. You and your friends play as one character: an octopus whos living as a normal human dad. It is possibly the most ludicrous concept for a video game ever. On top of that, when I say you all play one character I mean that you literally have control over one of his limbs. Then you need to work together with your friends to make it through levels and keep your cover as a totally normal dad that is totally not an octopus. When you get into the swing of things, you end up just flailing your tentacles around and flopping as fast as you can. It’s a bit of an older game, but that kind of slapstick goofball humour never gets old.

Steam Summer Sale: $4.09 (-75%)

Human Fall Flat

This is another game where a majority of the enjoyment comes from the hilarious ragdoll physics. The best way to explain this game would probably be a co-op puzzle game, but your characters are these adorable little humanoids that are very floppy. You make it through expansive levels by solving puzzles to get across platforms, climb structures, or fling your characters with physics. Everything your character does is for some reason hilarious because of the goofy way it moves. Best part? You can play with up to 8 people at once. Chaos!!

Steam Summer Sale: $8.49 (-50%)


So there you have it: five excellent multiplayer games to play on a night in with a group of pals. They will make you laugh, curse, and cry (with laughter). Let me know if you try any out or if you have suggestions for me based on this list in the comment section!



5 Fun and HilariousMultiplayer Games ToPlay On The Couch!


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