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The Absolute Best Pie-Iron Recipes

Pie-irons, pudgy¬†pies, or toasties: whatever you happen to call them, they are delicious and essential to a campfire cookout. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been having these amazing meals and snacks straight from the campfire. And with all those years of experience, I’ve come across some really delicious recipes to up your campout game! I’ll start with more of the basics, the kind that you’ve probably heard of before in case anyone is completely new to these fun treats. Then I’ll share some of my more creative ideas!

5615The basic idea is simple, you take whatever you want to be the fillings and slap them between two pieces of bread or other bread-like carbs. then cook it over the fire, preferably over some very hot coals. One thing are absolutely essential: make sure you oil or butter the outside of the bread somehow. Usually a thick coat of butter works, just like a grilled cheese, but if that doesn’t suit the flavour of the overall recipe, you could use cooking spray directly on the irons themselves. Either way, if you don’t do that step, you can look forward to eating a messy pile of ingredients and torn up bread as you try to tear it from the iron.

In the following recipes, any of the bread like ingredients are meant to replace bread. If nothing is listed, you can use whatever bread you enjoy the most or you think works best with the other ingredients.

Cherry Cheesecake – cream cheese and cherry pie filling


Pizza Pie – canned pizza crust, tomato sauce, any toppings you wish!


The Giant S’more – sliced marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham¬†crackers bits


Garlic Cheese Bread – garlic butter, cheese, thick white bread


French Toast – egged bread, powdered sugar, maple syrup, blueberry


Chocolate Chip Cookies – pre-made cookie dough


Peanut butter and bananas – peanut butter, banana bread


Cinnamon roll – cinnamon raisin bread, cream cheese frosting


These are my best ideas for a delicious night of interesting treats and filling meals! I’ve tried most of them, but a couple are just theories, but I’m planning on having them this summer. If you try any of these recipes, please take a picture and let me know how it went! You can tag me in it on Instagram with my tag @nicklesthename. Can’t wait to see your camping pictures!


8 Delicious Pie-Iron Recipes

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