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Fictional Places I Wish Were Real the Most

The best thing about books or movies or video games is getting to enter and explore another world. A new universe where things are bigger and more exciting than ours, or at least you play a bigger and more exciting role in its fates than you might in your own mundane world. Magical forests, galaxies far far away, deepest oceans. There are so many more places in our imaginations that you can find or realistically explore in real life.

There are a ton of different worlds that I would love to experience first hand. But if I listed them all, this blog post would be more of a short novel. So here are a couple of the places that are at the top of my list when the genie finally comes knocking.


hogwarts-2404482_1920I mean, is literally anyone surprised? Is there anything else that could make the top of this list? Harry Potter is such an important constant in my life. The first novel I really read all by myself and enjoyed. It was the first time I had a crush on a book character and my first taste of fandom. I spend my adolescence reading the books over and over, seeing the movies as many times as I could, and learning every little detail about every character and plot point. And then I went on to get proposed to on at the base of Hogwarts itself. Now don’t get me wrong, going to Orlando and spending a week at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was pretty dang magical. But it was not real.

train-2658356_960_720I want to get my letter to Hogwarts, and I want it delivered by a real owl. I want to go to a grimy pub in London, tap the bricks in the back room, and shop for my school supplies. I want to pick which of the allowed pets I want to bring for my first year: cat, rat, toad, or owl. I think I’d pick a cat and magically suppress my allergies (which I’m sure is a thing). I want to get sorted by the Sorting Hat, even if it’s weird that a 24-year-old is getting sorted with the other 11-year-olds. I want to attend charms class and transfiguration and learn how to brew a sleeping potion to hopefully fix my atrocious sleeping habits. Even if after my seven years of education, it all went away and I had to go back to being a muggle, I’d still do whatever I could to do it.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf


Animal Crossing is about as adorable as you can get when it comes to video games. Cute little towns of talking, bipedal animals, nothing to do but fishing and bug catching. You can be a millionaire after one afternoon of catching beetles! It’s a dream come true if I’m being completely honest. Personally, New Leaf was my personal drug of choice, and I played it on Nick’s 3DS for hours and hours. I almost had all the different fish, sea creatures, and bugs in the encyclopedia before I finally managed to move on to other things. I played the game at all hours to catch even the most nocturnal creatures. And being mayor of the small town was strangely satisfying. It felt great to help them all with their little problems, built interesting monuments, and generally keep the town clean and comfortable.


I would love to live in that little world. Not only is the fact that you can catch a couple butterflies and have enough to buy a mortgage on a house, but it’s also just a pleasant place to live. There are no enemies or predators to worry about. All there is to do is hang out on a tropical island and hang out with your townspeople! That is basically the dream life for me! I would hope that if I got the chance to fully live in that world, I wouldn’t be confined to the mechanics of the game. I would be able to spend hours sunbathing on the beach, have more freedom in where I place my furniture, and travel around a bit more freely. I’d like to think I would either be the sole human in a world of fluffy animals, or perhaps a cute kitty with the Uchi personality!


Specifically The Shire. I’ve always loved The Lord of The Rings. I used to watch it with my aunt, and we would always wait for the extended edition to be released before seeing it. that way we would get all the extra content and special features and fast forward through all the scary parts. I had a huge crush on Aragorn, which I definitely still hold by the way. As I aged, I also grew a certain appreciation for Samwise, who totally carried Frodo through the whole adventure, sometimes literally, and I don’t think I will ever not cry when they find out that (spoiler alert) Gandalf is still alive! But at the end of the day, I don’t think that I have what it takes to be a grand adventurer or strong warrior in one of the greater cities. I’m also way too dorky to be an elegant and mysterious elf of any type.


But I would make a great hobbit. I absolutely love their quaint and rustic lifestyle. Their houses are so cute, and I don’t know what real estate is like in Hobbiton, but something tells me it’s not as cut-throat as the modern day market. I would love to spend my days working a farm and my evenings drinking ale in the pub. I can also totally live with breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. I already eat that much and just call them all snacks. It is just such a beautiful, picturesque place where everyone seems to move at more of my kind of pace.

So, if you could travel anywhere you wanted to, any kind of fictional world or location, where would you go? Which childhood favourite or modern tale would you explore?


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