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My Favorite Harry Potter Theories

So, if you’re at all familiar with fandom and its slang, you’ve probably heard the term canon. Originally a more religious term, it basically refers to everything about a story or character that is confirmed to be true and part of the fictional world in which the story happens. For example, the fact that Harry wears glasses is canon. Another common term is headcanon, which means something that is not confirmed in the core story, but you’d like to believe it to be true. For example, you might think it an interesting idea that perhaps Harry could have fixed his eyes with magic, but didn’t want to because he didn’t think people would recognize him. It’s never been mentioned in the books or movies. It’s canon, but only in your head.

golden trip

I love these theories because its a great way to keep a story that is over alive. It’s been a while since we got a true, JK Rowling written Harry Potter story, so it’s fun to look at the original books through a new perspective. So here are a few of my favorite headcanons about the Harry Potter universe and it’s characters.

The R.J. Lupin House

I have a problem with the Harry Potter we meet in the Cursed Child. A clumsy father, disagreeable husband, and generally ignorant guy is not how I imagined Harry growing up to be. So I like this version better. Basically, Harry decided to take Grimmauld Place, which he still owns after inheriting it from Sirius, and turns it into a home for Hogwarts children who don’t have a safe or happy home life. While the reason why Harry had to go back to the Dursleys despite their abuse is explained away, there must be other students who dread leaving Hogwarts at the end of the school year.

It honestly makes sense too. It must be a rather large house, since all the Weasleys, Harry, Hermione, Sirius, and multiple other people all stayed in it at once for multiple weeks. I’m not sure Harry would want to live in it himself, since he wants to live with Ginny and build a family somewhere near other wizards, but he wouldn’t just abandon it. Many of the Hogwarts professors and staff at Hogwarts would probably be more than happy to volunteer to be caregivers/supervisors. They could have clubs, activities, summer programming, and a mini Quidditch league. It’s such a pure and wholesome image and I choose to believe it.

Harry and Dudley Reunited

privet drive homeWhat if Dudley Dursley grew up, met a nice girl, settled down, and had a kid? What if that kid had an odd ability to make their stuffed animals dance without touching them or pinching kids from across the room when they were annoying? Honestly, what would Dudley do if they suddenly received a letter, oddly delivered by an owl? The last thing we know about Dudley is that his last words to Harry were “I don’t think you’re a waste of space.” To me, and many others online, it seems that as Dudley was growing older and more mature, he started to question why he always hated his cousin and the way his parents treated Harry. I’m not saying he was entirely redeemed in that moment, but it is the only nice thing he’s ever said to Harry. So to assume he would disown this child immediately is a bit short sighted.

I think that he would probably contact Harry. He knows that Harry had to go through all the things his child is about to, so he would reach out. Which leads to this whole idea of the two of them, now adults with much more perspective, reconciling. I also like the idea that this would lead Dudley to learning all about just how important Harry is to the wizarding world. As far as he knew, Harry was a freak who went to freak school and that was it. He was only vaguely aware that his family needed to go into hiding because of Harry, but I don’t think he would have know the extent of Harry’s fame or achievements.

Hagrid Gets His GED

So Hagrid, the keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts, was expelled from school when he was accused of being the one who opened the Chamber of Secrets and controlled the monster within. His wand was broken in half and he was all but exiled from the wizarding world, at least until Dumbledore hired him back. But the one thing that no one mentions is that we now have proof that it wasn’t Hagrid attacking the students. First of all, the monster in the chamber was a basilisk and Hagrid was caught with an acromantula. Secondly, we know that it was Voldemort who pointed the finger at Hagrid and it was actually him who was causing the attacks. So shouldn’t Hagrid be fully exonerated from this crime he never committed?

ollivander's wand shopI like the idea that he was acquitted after an appeal and was given the right to use his magic again. So he decides to go back to school and get a high school diploma equivalent.  The idea of Hagrid going to Ollivander’s again and getting a new wand, buying a new cauldron for potions, and getting sized for new Hogwarts robes warms my heart. This also goes along great with my preferred version of events in which Harry becomes a teacher instead of an Auror, and therefore Defense Against Dark Arts is Hagrid’s favourite class.

The Rebuilding of Hogwarts Castle

hogwarts castle wizarding world

After the great war, the castle was utterly demolished. Blown apart by curses and wrestling giants, there was barely anything left standing. This was heartbreaking to everyone: students, teachers, and the wizarding world at large. This wasn’t a simple matter of a repair charm. There was serious, hard work that needed to be done. So that’s exactly what happened. The heads of houses got together and formed a committee. They reached out for volunteers and got hundreds of people willing to pitch in. Harry, Hermione, and Ron were of course at the front of the line to help out.

I feel like this would be such an important time for everyone to get together and try to rebuild not only the castle, but the relationships and lives that were torn asunder by the war. It would be a time of grieving and healing, of talking about what was going to happen next, of deciding where everyone was going to go. I also imagine that this is where Draco and the trio would have run into each other again. Working side by side would create a rapport between them, leading to a serious conversation and apologies from both sides. Slowly, as the castle begins to reform, so does normal life for all those affected.

And also…

  • Whenever someone says “knock on wood” before a Quidditch match, the twins would chase down Oliver, trying to knock on his head
  • Muggleborns would bring muggle technology to school and absolutely confuse the purebloods, even the simple things like thermos’, hair driers, and ball-point pens
  • Fred’s ghost went to join Peeves at Hogwarts to continue creating mischief and helping students get away with trouble
  • Arthur Weasley was rather disappointed when he finally found out the function of a rubber duck
  • Hermione heads a movement to “take back” the word Mudblood, and uses it as a word of empowerment
  • The trio went back for their last year and were always slightly suspicious of everything, since they’ve never had a normal school year before
  • There is a large painting of Cedric Diggory in the Hufflepuff common room, and he is always chatting with new students, giving advice, or just listening





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