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100 Puns For A Funny Valentine’s Day Love Letter

One of my favourite gifts to give are something creative, homemade, and personal. A little bit of humor is also a bonus. So the perfect combination of those things is a love letter full of puns and candy! The way you construct this gift is you first buy a bunch of small presents. Candy, chocolate, accessories, salty snacks, drinks, or anything under $5 are good. Then you take the names of these gifts and write a letter to your valentine. You incorporate the names through wordplay. Here is an example, since it’s a bit hard to explain:

candy pun letter
This one is for Father’s Day, but you get the idea.

So here I am going to provide you with 100 ideas for puns to make in your letter, on top of the ones in this example! Just in case wordplay isn’t your thing.

1. Even your worst jokes make me snicker. 

2. I embarrass myself but you never snicker. 


3. Let’s lay out and look up at the milky way

4. You’re more beautiful than the milky way

5. I’d travel the milky way to find you.


6. I always have mounds of fun with you!

7. You bring me mounds of happiness!


8. Cupid shot an arrow into my heart when I say you.

9. An hour with you feels like a minute.

10. All of life’s arrows point to you.


11. Have I told you reese-ently that I love you?

12. You’re my reese-on to wake up in the morning.


13. My world orbits around you!

14. Once you entered my orbit, I knew you were the one.

15. Our love is so big it’s out of orbit!


16. A day with you is better than pay day!

17. I wanted to get you something more, but pay day didn’t come in time.

18. I want to be with you even if we’re living pay day to pay day. 


19. You might be a butter fingers, but I still give you my heart!

20. I would never let you fall, I’m no butter finger! 


21. Getting you as my partner was one of my best tricks.

22. I love you, and that’s not one of my tricks.

23. I love you despite all the tricks you play on me.


24. You’re a real life saver.


25. We’re both just a couple of nerds. 

26. I think you’re a nerd, but I love nerds.

27. I may be a huge nerd,  but you still love me.


28. Our love burns red hot. 

29. You are one red hot lady/guy/person.

30. Even when I’m red hot with anger, I can’t help loving you.


31. I love that you’re such a smartie!

32. I’m not a smartie, but I still knew you were the one for me!

33. It doesn’t take a smartie to see that we’re perfect for each other.


34. It was a whopper for me to say it, but I do really love you.\

35. We have one whopper of a love!


36. Life without you would be unbearable.

37. I don’t know how you bear all my bad jokes, but you do!

38. We can bear any challenges that life throws at us!


39. We’ve had our sour patches, but it’s just made us stronger.

40. You’ve helped me through so many sour patches.




41. You have a sparkling personality.

42. When we met, sparks flew right away!

43. Being with you adds a sparkle to my life.




44. I have a huge crush on you!

45. It crushes me to see you sad.

46. I would be crushed if I ever lost you!



47. You stole a piece of my heart.

48. I would fall to pieces without you.


49. Even when I don’t get something, you don’t make me feel like an air head.

50. Not everyone gets our jokes, but we can be air heads together!

51. You forgive my air head when it forgets important things.


52. Being with you brings me so much joy!

53. I want to bring you nothing but joy!

54. Seeing joy on your face brings your beautiful smile out!


55. You’re the one for me, toots.

56. I like the way you roll. 

57. You never roll over, but stand up for yourself and others!



58. Acting silly with you is my favourite thing.

59. Other people thing we’re silly, but they just don’t get us!

60. This gift might be silly, but I’m serious about you.





61. I’m not werther of you!

62. My love doesn’t depend on werther you’re (x) or (y). (skinny/fat, old/young, sick/healthy, etc)

63. I’d travel through all werther to be with you.



64. You have such a bubbly personality!

65. I hope I don’t blow this!

66. We have our own little bubble together.




67. You totally rock!

68. You popped into my life at the perfect time!





69. You always go the extra mile for me.

70. Extra! Extra! Read all about the best person in the world!

71. I may be extra, but I know you love this stuff!


72. Hugs and kisses, (your name)

73. I love kissing you.

74. You know I’d never kiss and tell…


75. I will love you now and later.

76. Now I know how much you would change my later life.

77. I want to spend time with you now and later.



78. I’m a total sucker for you!

79. I was hit with your love like a sucker punch!





80. I know you can help me out of any crunch!

81. You keep me calm during crunch time.


82. I love you good and plenty!

83. I wish you a life of good and plenty.

84. I have good and plenty reasons to say all this!



 85. You’re all that and a bag of chips. 

86. I love laying under the stars with you.

87. Let’s just laze around together. .




88. You’re the bee’s knees!

89. I beelieve that we are meant to be!

90. Thanks for bee-ing the best!

91. You’re the balm!


92. There may be other fish in the sea, but you’re the only one for me.

93. I fell for you hook, line and sinker!

94. There’s nothing fishy about how much I care about you.



95. You light up my life!

96. You work so hard for us, burning the candle at both ends.

97. No one else can hold a candle to you!


98. I couldn’t pick a better person.

99. You’ve helped me bloom into the person I am today.

100. Our love is always in bloom.






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