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24 Things to Do Before 25!

Last Wednesday, I turned the ripe old age of 24! If you asked 14 year old me what I’d be doing at this age, she’d probably say I’d be married, have two kids, and pregnant with another. Well, that hasn’t happened, but I have done somethings I can be proud of! I got my Bachelor’s degree. I’m engaged to my high school sweetheart. I have a home and a dog and I’m in school learning how to get the job I want. That’s pretty good, if you ask me. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about my life and how at my next birthday, I’ll be a quarter century old. That’s a milestone right there, and I still have somethings I wanted to do before that age. Here are 24 things I want to do before I turn 25:

1. Make a real cosplay

Cosplay is something that I’ve dabbled on the edge of for a while now. I follow several big names on Twitter and Instagram, and I’ve made a couple casual outfits in the past. Nothing too complicated, usually just normal clothes bought from a thrift store and possibly altered slightly. But I want to make a real, full costume from scratch (or near) all by myself! I’m thinking the first will be my Fallout 4 main character. I like the outfit I’ve put together for her, and the armor and clothing are pretty basic for a good start. I’m getting a sewing machine soon, so I’ll be able to start work on the vault suit before long! Even if I never wear it to a convention or it doesn’t work out perfectly, I just want an outfit I can put on and wear.

Kim Possible.png

2. Run a 5k

I like running. I really actually do enjoy it. I love noticing how I can run for longer or faster when I do it regularly. I love the rush of endorphins you get from pushing yourself. What I don’t love is having to get up, go to the gym, try not to feel like everyone is secretly watching and laughing at me, and then have to drive home all sweaty or brave the yucky shower room. That’s what stops me from running. I prefer a treadmill much more than outside as well, because I can carefully control my speed and not have to worry about distance from home. Well now all those excuses are going out the window because I’ll have a treadmill right downstairs in my basement. Time to start training!

3. Go on a road trip

I have this mad fantasy of going on a road trip. I want to drive across the province, or perhaps even the country. I want to stop at motels and tourists traps. I want to go on two different routes going there and going back to experience more than ever. I just want a trip where the journey is as important as the destination. I think this would be really fun to do with Nick over a couple days this coming year. It can be the final test of our compatibility before we say the big I Do.

4. Have a living garden

I’ve never had the greenest of thumbs. But this year I’m going to have a whole backyard to myself to grow whatever I want. I don’t think we’ll get too ambitious, but I would like to have a small bed of flowers to tend to. I know that with our bulldozer of a dog, this will be even more difficult that I’m implying, but I think it will be fun project and a beautiful view out our backdoor.

5. Take more pictures

This one is 100% inspired by the dad. He is constantly saying “We should take a picture of this!” whenever we get together for something. And he is absolutely right. Pictures are how we keep those moments we would easily forget but bring a smile to our face when we do remember. They’re how we can look back and laugh at the hairstyles and clothing that was cool, the people we spent our time with, and the activities we did together. Not to mention, I have a camera in my hands or pockets pretty much 24/7 these days thanks to my smartphone. I want to take more candid pictures of the people I love so I can look back and remember to appreciate my life.

6. Volunteer

This one is also on my list of New Year Resolutions already, but it’s important to me. I have a lot of opinions about how to make the world a better place, but it’s about time I started working towards those goals. I know it’s horrifically cliche, but we should all strive to be the change we want to see in the world, and that starts with spending your time working towards it. It’s time to get into this habit now.

7. Cook a Sunday roast

Here is one of those weird things that I need to do in order to feel like a real adult. I want to spend one Sunday cooking a roast with potatoes and carrots. I want to make stuffing from scratch and mix my own gravy. Maybe if I’m feeling particularily ambitious, I’ll even bake a pie or cake for a desert. This is such an old fashioned thing to do, but it’s something I want to experience, even if it’s just once.

8. Dye my hair blue

14470656_10154603314143035_5568296235898732974_nThis one is very strongly connected to the need to get this list done before I grow up too much more. Right now I’m in school, so I don’t have to worry about job interviews or looking professional. I can get away with having navy blue hair for a couple more months. Then it will depend on where I get a job, but it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while and just haven’t got to. Wish me luck! To the right is the edited picture that helped me land at a dark blue.



9. Go to a Pride Parade

LGBT rights are very important to me. It’s something I feel very passionate about, not only because it’s basic human rights that everyone is entitled to, but people important to me are affected by them. Just like #6, it’s time to put rubber to the road and act on my beliefs instead of just spouting them on the internet. Plus, I hear it’s a pretty fun time.

10. Try new cuisines

While my horizons have definitely expanded after leaving my small home town, there are still many types of food I’ve never experienced. I actually checked one of these off recently, as I had hotpot during New Years with my friends. It was delicious and sparked a curiosity in me to try more! My other bad habit is going to these new places, like Thai or Korean restaurants, and ordering the most basic thing on the menu over and over again. I want to step farther out of my comfort zone and stop just ordering ramen at every Asian restaurant of any kind!

Dim sum is something that I’ve never had before!

11. Go on a shopping spree

Something that I’ve always thought was an inherent part of adulthood was shopping all the time. In my mind, once I grew up and got a job, I would just have extra money to spend and could buy all the clothes and shoes and accessories I could dream of. I blame sitcoms, with characters who have endless wardrobes, versus children’s cartoons where they only have one outfit. I was sure that once you were old enough to drive, you were probably old enough to have a different outfit for everyday of the year. So, while all of that is clearly not realistic or possible, I do want to experience a real shopping spree at least once. I’m going to save up and blow it all on cute clothes and new shoes. Sometimes, you just need to splurge.

12. Read more classic books

I feel like I’m missing out on a lot when it comes to classic literature. Moby Dick, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Pride and Prejudice, The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, Frankenstein…all books that I just feel like I should have read by now. I’d like to claim that I think I’ll learn important, age-old lessons from these books or that they must be inherently better than modern literature, I just kind of want to. I’ve been trying to read more in general, so why not these?

13. Learn to dance

This is something that getting engaged has put on this list. I really want to be able to have my first dance on my wedding day, and not fall over or seriously injure Nick. I don’t need to be a pro and I’m not about to start doing recitals again, but I think one or two classes wouldn’t hurt. Although, I should say they will hurt, but be worth it.

14. Get my Social Media Marketing certificate

I’m currently on track to finish this program in August of this year. I’ve already learned a lot from this program, and I’m excited to learn more. I’m also excited to have it down on my resume and show possible future employers all I’ve learned too!

15. Surprise someone with dinner

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make you smile. Going out to dinner with a friend is one of those things, and sometimes they might even insist on picking up the tab for no other reason then they want to. I’ve done it before and had it done for me before, and either way, both parties feel happy and appreciated. So I’m making a commitment to do this at least once more before next birthday.

16. Become a morning person Work on waking up earlier


I don’t think I’ll ever become a morning person. It’s just not in my nature or genetics. But I do enjoy the early morning when I do get to experience it. It’s always so quiet and peaceful. The sunrise is beautiful and it’s good time to just sit with a fresh cup of coffee and think about your day or your life in general. It’s also nice to get ready with rushing against the clock and forgetting basic self care in favor of actually being on time. It’s time for me to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier in turn!


17. Buy a wedding dress

So I don’t think I’ll be married by 25. Between school and life, there’s just not enough time or money or attention to plan and execute the wedding I want. But I do want to get started on planning it, and that means doing some stuff ahead of time. One of those things can be finding and buying the perfect wedding dress. I’m not at all picky, and I will probably get my dress second-hand somewhere, but I am very afraid of not finding one that fits right or at all. So the sooner I do it, the better.

18. Continue to form my political positions

A good opinion is never completely formed. You can never know everything about a certain subject, and so your opinion on it can always change. If you choose to believe something and refuse to listen to others thoughts on it, that’s not an opinion anymore. It’s just being stubborn. So, I want to make sure that I’m always open to learning and being proven wrong when it comes to my politics. I’m not saying I’m going to abandon my core values or change my whole personality, but I do want to continue to learn new things and evolve my thoughts accordingly.

19. Pull an all-nighter

I used to pull all-nighters regularly. In high school, basically every sleepover and party resulted in staying up all night, talking or watching movies. Now, not only is it getting harder for me to recover from one, but it’s a lot more detrimental to my life. High school teachers half expect you to fall asleep in the middle of class, but your boss will not a stand for nap time during meetings. So it’s time for one (hopefully) final hurrah and twelve hours straight of video games and junk food.

20. Find a healthy snack I actually like

I love potato chips. I love popcorn and chocolate and candy and baked goods. I’ve tried so many healthier snacks but they’ve never really worked out. Either I need to eat so much of it to fill up that it’s not healthy anymore or I just don’t enjoy it as much as something more fatty and salty. So I’m on a quest to find a trail mix or something that is good for me, full of nutrients, and is filling. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know!

21. Put together some scrapbooks

I’m a huge hoarder, especially when it comes to sentimental things. I have notes passed in elementary school and poems written in high school. I want to do something more with all of them that just let them sit and rot in a box somewhere. I want to put together some pretty scrapbooks that I can flip through whenever I want a trip down memory lane. It’s not quite as meaningful having to dig elbow deep in a bin to find them.

22. Break some bad habits

Recently I’ve been thinking about my worst habits. I don’t drink enough water, I put my hair up when it’s wet, I don’t moisturize, I don’t reach out to friends first. But instead of getting down on myself for not being a perfect person, I’m going to just work on breaking them. Being a healthier, friendlier, smarter person sounds like a good way to finish off a quarter century!

23. Plant a tree

Trying to better the environment is always a worthy task. There are tree-planting events in my area all the time, and as mentioned before, I have a backyard now! We actually have planted a tree back there already, but it was basically doomed and bought just for our dog to use as a toilet. It withered away in a couple weeks. But I want to plant a stronger, bigger tree and put some delicious oxygen back into the atmosphere!

24. Get my whole life figured out! Just kidding…

It’s always seemed to me that becoming an adult means having your entire life sorted out. It means having a strict plan for 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years into the future. It means finding that one true calling that is absolutely perfect for you in every way and following that to the end of the world. It means knowing yourself through and cementing your final personality in place. But that’s not how life works at all. You never finish becoming yourself and you never finish changing your life plans. Especially nowadays, no one knows what their career or personal life will look down the line. Sure, they can have goals and dreams, but no one can flawlessly predict the future. I may do all these things on this list, I may not. I may become the worlds most famous and well-known YouTuber, I may give it up in a couple months. You can never know for sure until it happens, and I’m doing my best to come to terms with that fact. If you look at it the right way, life’s uncertain and dynamic nature is exactly what makes it worth living.




24 Things To Do Before 25

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  1. I love this… I’m 25 next week and it struck me last year that I’m now in my dreaded mid-twenties **cue ghost noises**. A lot of these I have been working on as well! I’m so glad to see that growth mindset in action and hope you have been keeping up with at least a few of these!

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