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New Year’s Resolutions – 2017 & 2018

Hello friends! How was your 2017? I had an interesting year, that is for sure. But if you recall, last year I made a list of New Year’s resolutions that I wanted to accomplish this year. Well…I didn’t complete all of them. But I did some! So here is the results of those endeavors, and my 2018 goals.

So, as for 2017…

Lose 50 lbs

So this one didn’t go so hot. There were some issues with going to the gym regularly, between working and going back to school and moving. Also, I just love junk food. I really, really do. I should probably get that under control. Anyways, I lost about 6 lbs. A far cry from 50, but I’m honestly impressed with that. It fluctuated a lot throughout the year, and I expected to have gained weight will all the stress of school. I think I’ll probably get a bit more realistic with this type of goal for next year. I realized that around early September that it was too late to achieve this goal without dropping the weight too quickly.

Get 200 subscribers

Again, a bit too low on this goal as well. I started the year with 30 subscribers, and am ending it with 48. Not the leaps and bounds I expected, but again, at least it’s positive growth! I got a bit behind in making videos while I was working and only picked up again later in the year. I’m still proud of that growth. I hope to continue it into the New Year. I’ve been completely on top of it as of late, and I can’t wait to schedule more content!

Get 1000 views on a video

My first success! Yay! Not only did I achieve this, but I actually doubled it! My video showing off all the nerdy goodies I got from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is at 2000 views and counting! I guess it makes sense, since if you weren’t able to go yourself you might still want to see the kind of things you can get there. And I know that before we went, I would sate my excitement by watching other peoples videos from the park so I could know exactly when I was getting into. I’m not sure if I can really strike gold like that on command though and it’s far and beyond my average views.

Read 52 books

I actually did it! It took me to the last seconds of the years pretty much, but that’s okay. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t make it. I started off strong, reading almost exactly one a week. Then it was one every two weeks, then every three. Before I knew it, it was November and I was about 20 books behind schedule. But I decided that I could still do this goal, and I wanted to make up for the other goals I couldn’t achieve. So I buckled down and got it done. I finished off by reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince aloud to Nick on the way to our New Year’s Eve party. I’m happy with that! I love reading so much, but without this goal, I usually end up watching TV or playing video games.

Write 52 blog posts

Another close call! I wrote a total of 44 blog posts this year, including this one. Honestly, not bad since this is a weekly blog and I left no room for error! I think that was my biggest mistake with many of these resolutions. I made them so difficult that if I had any setbacks or missed weeks, I wouldn’t reach my goal. Just like my YouTube channel, I’ve been more on top of planning and writing content for this blog, so I have high hopes going into 2018.

And now, 2018…

Lose 30 lbs

I think this is much more achievable than 50 lbs. I have later into the year until I reach the “you can’t meet this goal without starving yourself (which isn’t an option)” deadline. Hopefully with just a moderately healthier diet, longer walks with the dog, and perhaps less beer, I should be able to meet that goal within a year. Along with this goal, I would also like to become more in shape in general. I’m tired of always being out of shape and sweaty.

Get 100 subscribers

Looking back, jumping from 30 to 200 subscribers might have been a little more than I could accomplish. Especially since I wasn’t really making regular content at that time. But now I am, so I think that with the growth I’ve seen over the last couple months, combined with even more fun videos coming soon, I should be able reach at least that goal. It’s basically doubling my current subscriber count. I look forward to hopefully engaging with more people through my channel.

Write 52 blog posts

So I realize this is the same resolution I had last year, but I didn’t achieve it. But I was really, really close. Close enough that I think to try it again would be decent increase based off of the progress I have made. Also, it may not leave me any weeks to miss without failing the whole thing, but I’ve gotten a lot better of writing posts in advance and scheduling them for times when I might be busy. I think that I should be able to complete it this time around!

Read 52 books

I know, I know, another recycled one. But I really do enjoy reading, but without a set goal to inspire me, I will often decide to just watch television or play a video game. And on the other hand, I think to make the goal more than a whole book a week on average would just be ridiculous and unrealistic. I barely scraped by with it this year. So the Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge it is!

Start volunteering

This is a bit of a vague one, but that’s because I’ve never really volunteered in my life. I did the mandatory 40 hours in high school you need to do in order to graduate, but I did that through helping with specific events and doing jobs through my church. I’ve never had a volunteer position or a recurring job. I’d like to give it a try, but I don’t want to set anything specific because it’s such a new experience. I don’t want to fail a resolution because my anxiety can’t handle the extra responsibility. So that’s the whole thing: give volunteering a real try this year and see how it goes.

There we go, five realistic goals that I can achieve by the end of the next year. I know a lot of people think of New Year’s resolutions as ridiculous or destined to fail or basing goals on an arbitrary holiday, and I used to be one of those people. Why don’t you just chase your dreams now instead of waiting for the new year! It’s your life, start living it now! More inspirational exclamations! But I now realize it’s useful to use the New Year as a center for your goals. It provides a nice time limit for them, one that allows big goals with many objectives, and it means there is a fun holiday to kick off the new goals and celebrate the completion of them. Sure I may not complete them all and I will have even more failed New Year resolutions, but you miss all the shots you don’t take or something. Anyways, Happy New Year and I will see you all in 2018! Later days!




My 2018 New Year's Resolutions!.png

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