My Most Ridiculous Christmas Wish List

Christmas is far and beyond my favourite holiday. I love it so much that I always put up my tree and decorations in the middle of November. I can’t wait for the hot chocolates and the warm feasts and the gift giving. Oh the gift giving! I love giving presents to people. Buying them something I know they’ll love or have been meaning to buy makes me so happy. I love watching people open their gifts, realize what it is, and grin. That’s why when I open presents from other people, I make sure to express every bit of excitement I’m feeling over the gift. Nick’s family always chuckles when I open their gifts since I act like a three year old, gasping and smiling. It truly is my favourite time of the year.

Since gift giving and receiving is so important to me, I make sure every year that there are going to be gift exchanges happening. Not only that, but I specifically ask to be given a gift instead of money or gift cards. While opening a gift card can be exciting, nothing beats opening that one jacket you’ve had your eye on or the game you’ve been meaning to buy for months. I also am big on the surprise. I always give a list that is far longer than the gift exchange limit would allow, so then I don’t know what I’ll open on Christmas. I know I sound like a spoiled child, making the presents given to me a huge deal. But it’s important to me to feel like a little kid during the holidays.

This year I’ve already given my mom and the person who drew my name my gift list. It was long but full of reasonably priced gifts. I made sure the items could be found in Sarnia, where my family lives, or at least ships to Canada. I included my sizes as well, so they wouldn’t ruin the surprise by asking. If I received anything off that list at all, I would be beyond grateful and excited. But, of course, there is always more. Ridiculous things that you would never ask for because they’re impractical or too expensive. But I think we all have those things that we dream about having, almost as a joke to ourselves. So here are my absolute dream, if-my-family-were-billionaires-with-money-to-burn Christmas wish list!

Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition – $100 US


There are many reasons why I don’t need this. Firstly, I already own the game and all the add-ons. Secondly, I’m fairly certain I can get the poster elsewhere alone for a much cheaper price. It’s literally just for the Pip-Boy, which admittedly is freaking awesome. I would feel like such a badass wearing it, but back to annoying reality, I’d probably wear it once and never again. It would look great on my YouTube set, but its not a $100 difference. Additionally I would have to use some sort of service or PO box, since it only ships from Bethesda to the continental United States. Not worth that headache either.

A huge, full color tattoo – $???

So far I only have a single tattoo, the one on my shoulder blade that I got with my mother. But I want more! I have a ton of ideas bouncing around in my head, each more elaborate than the last. Most of them involve some sort of image, and those images are very colorful. It would cost a mint to get them done, which is mostly why I haven’t yet. A tattoo shop gift card would be one of those gift cards that fall into the category of “as exciting as a present.” But I would never ask for this for Christmas, or even my birthday. It’s too risky, seeing how I don’t know if I’d be about to go through with the whole tattoo and then that’s a waste of their money.

A custom coloured Nintendo Switch – $559 US

switrchThe newest console from Nintendo is already $399 US, but if money is no object I would definitely go for the custom coloured ones from Colorware. you choose the colour of all the outer hardware, from the dock to the joycon strap. It’s really awesome, although choosing to colour some of the parts increases the price further. But it looks amazing. I’m not sure if this is actually the colours I would choose if I could, but for the purposes of this article I made a Vault-Tec themed one. I’m a wee bit obsessed will Fallout, in case you missed that.

Panasonic HC-V770K HD Camcorder – $699.99

71sV3QVTzCL._SL1500_According to a couple sources, this is the best overall camera for filming video. I am in need of a new video camera to shoot my YouTube videos. The problem is I technically already have a perfectly functional camera for filming. The issue is it’s my Canon Rebel 5. While an amazing camera for taking pictures, it seems the video function was added as an after thought. There is no signal on the front to tell you if it’s recording, it randomly stops recording with no warning, and there is no screen to see yourself while filming or setting up the shot, making focusing on your face tricky. But the fact that I do have that camera, and it works fine for the most part means I haven’t bothered to get a new camera, top of the line or not.

A board game table – $3,172.00

And yes, that’s more than just a table. This is a custom made table made specifically forlong-rectangle playing board games. For that price, it comes with two slide out cup holders on each side, and two drawers on each end. It has a soft fabric top and it’s made out of solid wood. It’s a dream. Not having to worry about knocking over drinks onto the game? A convenient drawer for commonly needed items? Room for a beautiful eight people? Gimme! I probably wouldn’t be able to justify spending that kind of money on a table. It would be amazing, but it’s just not reasonable.

A vintage bus for travelling in – $x, 000


Maybe not this exact one, but something like it. I’ve always had a dream to get an old bus like this, renovate it into a living space as well as a vehicle, and travel the world in it. Well, Canada at least. I mean, in this alternate universe where I’m casually asking for a vehicle for Christmas, I’m assuming I don’t need to work anymore, so I’ve got all the time in the world. I know this is the most cliche, hipster sentiment, but I would absolutely love every minute of it.




What I Would AskFor on My Christmas List

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