How to celebrate World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day is an internationally recognized day of being kind to each other. Since it’s creation in 1998, the World Kindness Movement has encouraged people to treat other people with compassion and empathy. While they wish everyday could be Kindness Day, they ask that you at make a concerted effort on November 13th. Now kindness is something that I find to be extremely lacking in our society. Just common niceness, treating people with respect by default, seems to be something going out of style. Admittedly, I understand if oppressed people aren’t going to treat their oppressors with respect, and I don’t expect otherwise. But when it comes to just two people are relatively equal footing, why not just be friendly? Why would you be hostile right off the start? I try to put out random acts of kindness when the moments arrive. However, even I could work on my general kindness.

So here is a big list of some ways that we can all celebrate World Kindness Day! Some are random acts, some are general attitudes and behaviors, and some are a bit of both. They range from small, instantaneous actions to larger projects.

  1. Smile at everyone you make eye contact with
  2. Say thank you to a family member you appreciate
  3. Compliment a stranger
  4. Put up a bird feeder
  5. Try to be that person who always has a piece of gum or a tissue
  6. Send a card to an elderly family member
  7. Offer to do an extra chore
  8. Remind someone you know with mental health that you are there for them
  9. Buy lunch for somebody
  10. Prepare a meal for somebody
  11. Pay for the meal of the next person in line
  12. Help someone carry their groceries
  13. Offer to rake leaves or shovel snow for a neighbour
  14. Listen to a friend rant about their own problems
  15. Be friendly with someone you don’t usually socialize with
  16. Donate to charity
  17. Buy a stranger something off their Amazon Wish List
  18. Thank your favourite teacher for their work
  19. Give your seat up on the bus or train
  20. Adopt a new pet
  21. Volunteer at a local establishment
  22. Make more of an effort to be courteous in emails
  23. Buy a friend their favourite treat that they don’t get often
  24. Leave an extra-large tip
  25. Wear something you got as a gift
  26. Make someone laugh
  27. Leave a kind note somewhere someone will stumble upon it
  28. Pick up some litter you see and dispose of it appropriately
  29. Share a positive quote or inspiring message
  30. Tell someone you’re favourite thing about them
  31. Stand up for someone getting picked on
  32. Shop at and a portion of your purchase will be donated to charity
  33. Share your lunch with someone who doesn’t have one
  34. Give money or gift cards to a homeless person
  35. Donate canned goods to a soup kitchen
  36. Plant a tree or other plants
  37. Buy a pizza for a random person
  38. Check yourself to see whether you’re actually using your pleases and thank yous
  39. Be an ambassador for a charity or cause you care about
  40. Comfort someone who is embarrassed
  41. Give someone a good, warm hug
  42. Support a small, local business
  43. If you’re the obvious “breadwinner” of a relationship, thank your partner for the work they do around the house and with your family
  44. If you’re not the obvious “breadwinner,” thank that person for the hard work they do supporting you both.
  45. If you’re on equal footing, thank each other for sharing both roles
  46. Speak to a manager to commend an employee’s good job
  47. Sponsor a GoFundMe or Kickstarter (bonus points if you make them reach their goal)
  48. Recommend a book or movie you think they will like
  49. Give blood
  50. Give away a Steam game code you aren’t keen on playing
  51. Ask a friend about something they love, but you don’t fully understand
  52. Encourage someone with dream they have
  53. Forgive someone for a mistake they made
  54. Make a review for a positive experience you had at a business
  55. Be patient and courteous with sales people (yes, even telemarketers!)
  56. Make sure you’re a registered organ donor
  57. Teach somebody a new skill they don’t know
  58. Click a button on this website and fight hunger and poverty
  59. Click a button on this website and fund breast cancer research, mammograms, and patient care
  60. Click a button on this website and help rescued animals
  61. Click a button on this website and help hungry and homeless veterans
  62. Click a button on this website and fund Alzheimer’s disease
  63. Click a button on this website and fund diabetes research
  64. Click a button on this website and give a child a book
  65. Click a button on this website and protect wildlife habitat
  66. Support your local library
  67. Help someone collect things that they dropped or lost
  68. Help someone practice a presentation or speech
  69. Care for someone who is ill
  70. Offer to do chores or run errands for people who aren’t mobile
  71. Work on reducing your environmental footprint and waste
  72. Write a positive comment on a blog or piece of content
  73. Volunteer at an animal shelter to walk and play with the animals
  74. Buy lemonade from a stand or browse a garage sale
  75. Compliment a parent on their child’s behaviour
  76. Pay off someone else’s parking meter
  77. Let people into your lane or out of the parking lot
  78. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister
  79. Wipe up your own mess when you’re in public place
  80. Compromise on that one petty thing you and your partner disagree on
  81. Thank your receptionist at work for her work
  82. Pay the toll for the next car
  83. Ask someone who looks distressed if they’re okay
  84. Stop to chat with a janitor or similar maintenance person
  85. Keep an extra umbrella in your car or desk, in case someone forgets theirs
  86. Say yes when a cashier asks if you want to donate a dollar to a charity
  87. Bring your cart all the way back to the store or leave it there and carry your bags
  88. Apologize for something you were in the wrong about
  89. Call your mom/dad/guardian and catch up with them
  90. Let someone with fewer items go ahead of you at check out
  91. Learn CPR so you can help when there is an emergency
  92. Register to be a bone marrow donator
  93. Go to local events and festivals to get involved in the community
  94. Write a letter or call your local representatives to speak about an issue you care about
  95. Write a letter for a stranger to cheer them up
  96. Commission art from an independent artist (bonus points if you don’t negotiate the price, like you wouldn’t with a shop selling paintings or posters)
  97. Actually buy some music, especially from independent artists
  98. Offer to babysit for free, especially to brand new parents that really need the break
  99. Visit r/RandomActsofKindness to offer a service or fulfill someone else’s request

Let me know if you celebrated World Kindness Day and how you did it! It’s a great time to remember that we are all just people trying our best. Not only do we all deserve some more kindness in our lives, but being nice to others just makes you feel better in general. So take some time, whether it’s on Nov 13th or not.



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