My Opinion

Having a dog is like having a kid…

Suddenly everyone you know is a medical expert

Whether it’s what to do when your child has a fever or how to treat ear infections in floppy eared dogs, you will realize that everyone around you is just a fountain of advice and suggestions. Forget what the pediatrician or veterinarian said, those years of education were just for funsies.

Buying for them is more fun than buying for you

Suddenly, looking at Lego sets and rawhide is a fun shopping excursion. Let’s face it, your dependent already has all of whatever it is they could want and you could be spending money on yourself. But just imagine their faces when they get their new toy or snack!

You get offended if someone doesn’t like them

Whether real or imagined, if someone is treating your dependent like they don’t want to be around them, its personal. People who just aren’t comfortable around children or dogs don’t exist, they’re just mean and stupid people who don’t recognize the pure amazingness of your dependent.

Constant fear, constant vigilance!

Nothing makes you a more anxious mess of worry then having something depending on you for safety. Every little stumble or overly vigorous ear scratch is a possible threat, and you live your live always thinking about where they are and what they’re doing.

You become familiar with their…bodily fluids

I think this one speaks for itself.

Loving something so so so much

I’m not going to try and say that I love my dog as much as a mother loves their child, but I do love him quite a lot. Bonding with a toddler or animal is a different experience than bonding with someone your own age or species but it is so very fulfilling.

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